Puppy Training Tips


The First thing I do is to set goals for each week

                            Week One 

 1.)   To Bond  Getting to know one another
    2.)   Make sure they are eating good.
    3.)   Crate Train  ( all naps  and sleeping at night in crate also feed in crate)
            teach them to love their crate and that sometimes they will be awake in
            it as well.  ** Place crate in a area where they can still be a part of your
            family while still in their crate.  They will learn to watch you and be happy.
    4.)   Teach them the difference between day and night( get them sleeping all night)
    5.)   Show them where to go potty every few hours, after naps, eating, playing    
            and before going back into their crate.  (Use the words Out to go potty ) 
            Always use the same door to go out to the same area, if this is not working
           I set up a puppy play pen and I take him straight to this area to go potty
           and it worked like a charm as he was not as distracted as if he had the whole
           yard to run in.Be sure to Praise Praise and tell them good girl/boy and make
           a big deal out of it. Then I let Dunkin loose to run and play as a reward.  
          You must say out to go potty and then praise them.  If they do not go potty
           I put them back into their crate for a little while and then back out again. 
     6.)  Get them use to a collar.
     7.)  Teach them what to chew on.  Puppies always want to chew on your
            hands and fingers do not ever allow this say no bad boy and place a toy
            in front of them to play with.  I always have about five toys in their 
            play area as well so they always have them to chew on. 
      8.)  Words to be sure and use are : Out to go potty  , bedtime when you put
            them in their crate.  Bad Boy and Good Girl,  and Come

                                                            Week Two

       1.)   Get them on a regular schedule that works for you. Dunkin is fed
            at 8:00 A.M.  1:30 P.M. and 6:30 P.M.
            Dunkin awakes goes potty, back into crate to eat and drink for about
            1 hour then out to play in a confined area like my Kitchen I use a
            baby gate.  Then out to potty then back in crate to nap until noon.
            Out to potty and play time again then out to potty then back for  a nap.
            I think you get the idea.  I always put Dunkin in his crate while we 
            are eating , he can watch us or take a nap. In the evening I teach him that 
            this is our quite time when he plays on my lap and we watch T.V. I always
            take him out to potty right before going to bed.  I do take his crate into my
            bedroom for the  first few weeks to teach him to sleep though the night .
            ( Puppies need their naps they are a baby and they are growing very fast.)
            So when taking a new puppy home don't forget to give them their rest times
            even if they are not sleepy put them in their crates .
      2.)  Allow them down to play in a confined area with you .  The Kitchen is  
           whereI always start as I am in there everyday working so I make this his 
           playtime .  I use a baby gate .  You are teaching them to play and stay near
     3.)   Work on word commands and bonding 
     4.)  You should be leaving your puppy alone when you have to go out. So
          this is their training on being alone when you are gone that is why it is so
          important to teach them to love their crate and that they be put in it for
          all naps and all night.  Once trained they will be happy and so will you
          when you have to leave them. Never comfort a whining puppy. Let them
          work though it themselves.  I always praise when I get Dunkin out of 
          his crate when he is a good boy.
    5.)  You should have your Routine in place this week  
    6. ) Consistency is the best way to house-break a puppy 
    7.)   Start walking your puppy on a leash inside and outside as well.
           I introduce new area's of the house with them on a leash.

                                            Week 3

    1.)  Exercise twice daily ( walks)
          Discipline, be consistent, enforce rules, boundaries
          Show affection in forms of physical affection, praise, treats and play time.

                                             Week    4

    1.)   Dunkin has come so far, no accidents in crate or house.  He goes
            potty just as soon as his feet hit the ground in his play pen area.
    2.)   Now is allowed to play in kitchen, dining room  and living
            room during his play times.
    3.)    He know how to come when called as he get a treat when he does.
            He also has learned to sit , and is now learning how to roll
            over.  He is so smart.
    4.)   A trained puppy is such a pleasure , they are happy and you can
           enjoy them and be happy as well.  So be firm and loving, it will
           pay off.  

                                                     Week 5   

    1.)  We are just starting this week.  Goals to take on road trips,
          more training on leash.  Work in more commands. Going potty
          loose in the yard when taken out.   

          We spent the next weeks reinforcing potty training and he is doing
          great.  So go ahead set goals for what you want to teach your puppy or dog
          just be realistic about the time frame and most of all don't forget to have fun,so
          get going now !

          Since Dunkin I have yet trained another puppy , Sapphire, she was so easy
          only had one or two accidents period and is completely broke by Four months of age.
          I give all the credit to crate training and me of course.  You must be timely on taking
          them out to potty and really making a huge deal out of it when they do go.  They never
          get to old to praise for going potty.  Sapphire now goes to the door to let me know that
          she needs to go out.

Files coming soon.