limited 48 Hour health guarantee


Creekside Doxies 48 Hour Health Guarantee

    Our 48 HOUR HEALTH GUARANTEE is for you to have your LICENSED Veterinarian. examine your new puppy.  WE THE SELLER OFFERS NO GUARANTEE FOR ANY INFECTIOUS DISEASE BEYOND 48 HOURS of purchase because the puppy is no longer in the care of the SELLER. If the above puppy is not examined by a Licensed Veterinarian WITHIN 48 Hours AFTER Possession any and all Guarantees are VOID     So make your appointment today. 

                         This MUST BE DONE to VALIDATE our 6 month health guarantee as well.

I ,__________________________________Date:___________have read ,understand and 

agree on the 48 Hour and the 6 month/1year Health guarantee.

              Thank You and Congrats on your New Family Member   !!!!

6 Month Health Guarantee You will get a copy of this at pick up

                                                                               Limited 48- Hour Guarantee on Health

                                                                         Creekside Doxies Sales Agreement Contract

                                                                                            Chillicothe Oh 45601



Important Note :  No “white-out or “liquid paper” was used to create , amend or finalize this original document or any duplicate copy of this document. ANY use of opaque or “white-out” substance, liquid or otherwise, on any version of this document instantly nullifies this document and voids all guarantees, those written, stated or implied.

This Guarantee is for the M/F __________________( color) ____________ (pattern)  ___________ 

(coat) ________________    dachshund puppy,  whose date of birth is   ____________________  

NON Refundable Deposit of   ____________     Date of Deposit     ________________    CASH ONLY

Full /Pet/Limited/NO AKC Price ___________      tax_______ Less Deposit _______  Balance Due________   Buyers agrees to pay in full for the above puppy at time of pickup or if shipped 10 days before ship date.  Buyer promises to maintain the said puppy or dog at all times in good health with recommended vaccinations and periodic veterinarian check ups.

                                     Balance Paid _____________in Full on date ______________ 

Sire _________________ AKC #  ______________ Dam ________________ AKC # _______________ 

1. The breeder guarantees that the above puppy is a purebred Dachshund and is

registered with American Kennel Club ( AKC).

2. The Breeder cannot guarantee adult size, color, hair coat, conformation, 

temperament, trainability, or breeding ability of the said puppy or dog.  Any 

     information given to you in these regards is simply the Breeder’s educated guess

or opinion.  Breeder does not guarantee coats of dilutes.

3. Breeder guarantees the above puppy to be in good health at the time of purchase

and has no known defects to the best of the breeder’s knowledge.  Breeder does not

assume liability for any injury or neglect after delivery of the said puppy.  The 

breeder does not guarantee the above puppy that develops hypoglycemia, 

parasites, internal or external ringworm, coccidiosis, guardia, hepatitis, mites,

or diarrhea due to stress or improper diet after the sale.

4. The Breeder will only refund the deposit amount if the said puppy is injured or

dies in the care of the breeder.  If the buyer changes his or her mind for any 

            reason, the deposit money will not be refunded.  After the balance and shipping

(if applicable) is paid, the buyer has up until 1 week prior to shipping to receive a

refund minus the deposit money.  If the buyer “backs out of the deal” for any reason

within the last week before shipping or pickup, the breeder will only refund ½ of the 

money paid on shipping cost only.

5. Breeder warrants that the said puppy has been de-wormed and vaccinated in accordance to

its age, has been examined by a licensed Veterinarian and found to be in good health and

both parties agrees that the said puppy appears apparently healthy at this time.  Buyer realizes 

         the purchase of the said puppy carries with it the risk of the said puppy contracting various

         vermin, bacteria, or viruses that are not in control of the seller.

6. This guarantee is not a long-term/genetic guarantee.  This guarantee is good against fetal or 

severe life altering genetic defects, for six months from date of purchase, one year if on Nuvet

        Plus, not parasites or coccidiosis.  Beyond 48 hours health guarantee the sellers offers NO 

        GUARANTEE ON  ANY INFECTIOUS  DISEASES..  If the buyers rejects a replacement

        puppy all sales become  final.  Under no condition will the breeder replace this puppy where the 

         Breeder was not advised of its being ill before hand, or “put to sleep” without the breeder’s 


7. Buyer agrees to have the said puppy examined by a Licensed Veterinarian within 48 Hours

of purchase.  If the said puppy is not examined by a Licensed Veterinarian within 48 hours

after possession of the said puppy, the guarantee is VOID ( If you get the puppy on a holiday

  or on a weekend then as soon as regular business day resumes you have 48 hours to have the

said puppy examined by a Licensed Veterinarian.)  If, after examination by a Licensed 

Veterinarian acceptable to both parties, the said puppy is determined to HAVE A FETAL OR 

SEVERE LIFE - ALTERING DEFECT, the buyer may return the said puppy at the BUYERS

EXPENSE to the breeder within 72 hours with a written Veterinarian explanation of the


OR MEDICATIONS INCURRED.  If the said puppy gets sick and dies within 48 hours after

purchase, the buyer ( at buyer’s expense)  must have an necropsy preformed to prove the

cause of death.  Under no circumstances will the Veterinarian Fees or Shipping be refunded.  

The Seller will replace the puppy with another puppy as soon as one is available of the same 

sex and value.  If the buyer rejects a replacement puppy. all sales become final.  Under no

conditions will the Breeder replace this puppy, where the breeder was not advised of the said

        puppy being ill before hand, or “put to sleep” without the breeder’s permission.  THE BUYER



           Buyer(s) initial here  _________ A copy of this contract has been provided to the buyer and the

           buyer has read  this contract and understands all within this two (2) page contract.  


Buyers Name _____________________   Buyers Address  -------------------------------------------


Buyers Phone # ____________________ Email Address 


X  I ________________________ have received the above puppy’s AKC Papers Date  ______

                                                 Delivery date based on weather conditions if weather permits                                                                   

Pickup /Delivery Date__________ Airport _________________ Flight # _____________ 

Buyers Signature   X  ____________________________________   Date _________________

Breeders Signature X ___________________________________   Date  _________________